Dwayne Dahl: Potash 2.0 – Disrupting Potash Production in Saskatchewan

Collin Kettell September 25, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Potash is an important resource for humanity. It is one of the 3 key nutrients for plants- along with nitrogen and phosphate. It strengthens plants, helps with the uptake of other nutrients, improves taste, and increases resistance to pests and disease. World population rise also strengthens the demand for potash.

World organizations show us that most of the future growth in food will come from fertilizers- with potash in the majority. The return of the demand for biofuels and ethanol, which use potash, are also increasing the need. A trending transition away from a starchy diet and into more protein is another factor- as a large amount of plants are needed to feed protein-rich animals.

Dwayne Dahl has been in the potash space for 25 years- encompassing all aspects of the potash sales process. He says there has been a hit to the industry with the tonnage and price both down- but he’s optimistic about a future rise along with demand. A recent merger of (POT) and (AGU) shows that the industry is in flux. Any consolidation of this sort could create opportunities- as customers will seek additional potash sources to reduce dependency on the small group of current suppliers.

Dahl gives details on a company that is creating an entirely new way of potash production, set to disrupt the industry. They are using methods such as vertical integration, product presales, scalability of facilities to meet presold demand, and a dramatic reduction of environmental and safety issues. They’ve eliminated fresh water use, as well as underground mines, brine ponds, and tailing piles. Low production costs will also make them very viable in the future.

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