Jeff Berwick: Stay Down-to-Earth with Gold, While Going to the Moon with Bitcoin

Collin Kettell December 30, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

There are so many radically extreme events that are happening, or will likely happen soon in the world economy, we have to be very careful. In Jeff Berwick’s 20+ years of market investments, he sees this as the most difficult time for investors. He suggests getting a lot of your money out of the markets by holding precious metals, other hard assets, and bitcoin.

The economy has been going down since the year 2000, but has been papered over with all the QE money printing. Jeff’s financial analyst company, The Dollar Vigilante has been negative on stock market investing for a few years now.

Jeff compares gold to bitcoin- a very new peer-to-peer digital currency that began in 2009. He thinks it’s wise to own both gold and BTC. Gold has been a store of value throughout human history, and bitcoin is doing phenomenally well. He started investing in BTC in 2011 when it was at $3- and it’s now close to $1000! The only stocks that Jeff is personally bullish on are precious metals.

Gold is physical while bitcoin is in the virtual world. Being physical is both good and bad. In the past, gold has been confiscated by the government- as we saw in the US in 1933. We’re seeing physical confiscation today in India which just had 80% of their fiat currency cancelled. Bitcoin is easy to use and there is even a bitcoin debit card (E-Coin).

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