Jonathan Wellum: Investment Manager Says Average Person has ZERO Exposure to Precious Metals

Collin Kettell April 20, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Preceding the financial crisis in 2008, debt was unchecked and increasing by $100 billion a month. The current capital markets are following a very similar trajectory. The USA and Canada have huge debt issues because of out of control government spending. The average person has no idea of the scale of the challenges the global system is facing.

RockLinc Investment Partners Inc. evaluate every single business, asset and investment to ensure it is generating strong, long-term cash flows. They invest only in companies that have no debt, good management, sensible leverage and tangible assets so they will survive the extended market downturn.

In addition, RockLinc sees precious metals as a hedge against the real financial risk ahead of us and has gained many new clients from this mandate. Precious metals are one of the best areas to protect capital against the unsustainable gaming of the system by central banks.

Central banks want to debase our money. And if asset prices were to come down significantly it would wipe out the entire banking system. Money printing is very inflationary and gold moves ahead of inflation. By the time the general public realizes what is happening, gold will have already moved. Precious metals are tangible, enduring and maintain purchasing power. Please read RockLinc’s summary at:

Talking Points from this week’s interview:
• Real financial risk ahead?
• What is likely to be the result of money printing and zero interest rates?
• How much interest is there in precious metals from the general public?
• Government intervention has disincentivized saving
• Central banks want to debase our money

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