Lior Gantz: Becoming A Metalionaire – Go On the Offensive with Gold and Gold Stocks!

Collin Kettell October 12, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Many people wonder how it’s possible that so much money is being created without runaway inflation. Lior Gantz believes it’s because the other side of the equation is deflation. The system is causing deflation in the private sector and inflation in the government sector. This creates a huge battle between inflation and deflation.

Illusion profits is a concept that Wealth Research Group brought to light. Lior Gantz explains that most people believe deflation is bad for gold and silver, which is true in a sense, but is also deceptive for investors. Gold and silver prices tend to be stagnant in a deflation, where as other things like rent, wages, income, oil prices, and basic materials are dwarfed.

Metalionaire is a term also coined by the WRG to describe people who take advantage of this- knowing that the mining shares will do better than spot gold and silver prices as they are based on leverage and profits. If you have a stagnant price for the metals while the rest of the company’s expenses go down substantially, you have potential for extremely profitable companies.

In this exciting interview, Lior also explains information essential to understand gold’s role in maintaining viable world economies, Steroid Stocks, important implications if more countries make a Brexit, and why gold is an explosively profitable space to invest in the next few years. Visit to get free reports on investing principles, uranium, steroid stocks, metalionaires, China, and more to help you strengthen your financial fortress.

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