Making More Money Than Bitcoin Through This Cobalt Stock

Palisade Research January 16, 2018
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You probably made a killing in Bitcoin and other cryptos this year.

And if you haven’t – don’t be left in the dust again.

But where do you go to make crazy gains in 2018?

I’m about to tell you about one of the most exciting metals that has maybe even a brighter future than crypto currencies.

What is it?

Cobalt. . .

I know what you’re thinking.

“What the hell is cobalt?”

Cobalt is the key ingredient to that cellphone and computer you’re reading this on.

In their batteries. . .

But most importantly in batteries for Electric Vehicles like Tesla that continue to take over the streets

“I’m intrigued – so how do I make money off this critical metal?”

Well you could try to find and buy some cobalt. . .

I don’t recommend that though. Good luck finding any – companies like Volkswagen couldn’t even get their hands on enough to make their new electric cars. . .

But, there is a way to profit many times more than just simply buying up cobalt.

It’s actually really simple.

Top investors do this often and make fortunes.

The Secret?

Buying shares of the company that is sitting on the cobalt in the ground. . .

For instance, when the price of oil goes up 10%, an oil producing company can go up 100% – even higher.

So as cobalt goes higher. . .

The companies that are mining or sitting on cobalt in the ground will soar.

So, I’m going to tell you about a company that just got its hands on a legendary cobalt producing mine in Europe. . .

I’m talking about Boreal Metals (CVE:BMX, FRA:03E)

The Sleeping Giant of Cobalt Players

Let’s set the stage here. . .

Boreal Metals just made a breaking announcement that changes literally everything about their valuation.

They just acquired one of – if not the best – cobalt asset in all of Europe.

It’s called the ‘Modum Project’ and it’s in Norway.

This project used to be Europe’s highest-grade cobalt producer in the 19th century.

Chances are when cobalt was used throughout Europe – it came from the Modum Mine.

Here’s a little backstory. . .

High grade cobalt ore was discovered at the Modum Mine in 1772 (formerly known as the Skuterud Mine). And four years later, open pit mining began.

After a while the open pit mines transitioned into underground mines in 1827 until its closure right before the 20th century.

To show you how critical this mine was to cobalt markets, I looked up some numbers. . .

Estimates show that over 4 million tons of cobalt was mined from there.

In fact, throughout the 1820’s and 1830’s, over 80% of the worlds commercially produced cobalt came from this single mine.

Finding Even More Cobalt

But how does will this matter today?

For starters, Boreal acquired along with the Modum Mine a massive, cobalt rich, land package. . .

And it has barely been scratched. Barely any exploration has been done on Modum.

There are traces of gold and other minerals – like silver and nickel – in these thick high-grade cobalt veins

Boreal Metals plans to aggressively drill this land and find how much cobalt and other minerals it really has. . .

The more cobalt they find the more fortunes will be made.

Supplying Europe’s Electric Vehicle Boom

This is all great.

As Boreal Metals further uncovers more cobalt on their property – their valuation will rise.

But there is something better. . .

Northvolt is going to build Europe’s largest battery factory in Sweden.

One that is expected to rival Tesla’s. . .

In fact, it is actually run by a former Tesla executive – Peter Carlsson.

Northvolt has said they plan to use locally sourced raw materials to make their huge supply of batteries.

They know how hard it is for companies to get their hands-on cobalt. . .

Especially since you can’t build Electrive Vehicles without batteries.

And without Cobalt you can’t make batteries.

To make it clear: there’s just literally not even enough known cobalt production that can come close to meeting future demand.

That’s why Boreal Metals has now such a strategic asset. . .

º     They sit on Europe’s former largest cobalt producer

º     They will aggressively drill their land package and discover more cobalt and minerals

º     They have a nearby solid and huge buyer – Northvolt.

That is what make Boreal Metals a must own stock to profit from the coming cobalt boom and electric vehicle revolution.

This is where the future will be.

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