Matt Geiger: We Talk Mining With One Of The Youngest Portfolio Managers In Resources

Collin Kettell December 10, 2015
Category: Palisade Videos

Matt Geiger discusses focused investment strategies in mining juniors and some other contrarian investments such as phosphate and sandalwood. He talks about five lenses for analyzing juniors such as the working capital relative to market cap, finding companies that are trading below their working capital and selling for pennies on the dollar, eliminating the explorers and focusing on companies that already have ‘hits’.

Bear markets are the authors of bull markets and Matt has the knowledge to allow us to catch the next up cycle.

Matt Geiger has a diverse set of skills pertaining to early stage ventures – both in the world of natural resources and tech. He is currently General Partner of MJG Capital – a resource-focused investment partnership with 20+ LPs. He is also Cofounder/President of a venture-backed technology business with $10m in cumulative funding. Known for his exhaustive security analysis and intuitive grasp of contrarian investing, Matt is a rising star in the junior resource field.

Talking points from this week’s interview –

• Focused investment strategies

• Bear markets are the authors of bull markets

• Catching the next market up cycle

• Investment in Argentina and Serbia

• Conservative investment assumes 1-2 more years of low metal prices

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