Warren Irwin: A bright future for Uranium, NexGen and the Athabasca Basin

Collin Kettell March 27, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Warren Irwin founder and chief investment officer of Rosseau Asset Management limited. He discusses the founding and rise of Rosseau Asset Management through some very profitable investments, including Bre-x in Indonesia, profiting from it’s rise and it’s fall.

Warren is the biggest shareholder in NexGen, a major uranium producer and discusses the likely growth in demand going forward particularly in China where they are constructing many new nuclear power plants. New uranium mines will need to be built to meet this growing demand creating upward price pressure. NexGen has recently made a big new discovery with its Arrow deposit, this is the best undeveloped deposit in the world. The stock should be trading at multiples above where it is now based on the value of this deposit alone.

There is often a big lag between when a company makes a big new discovery and the reaction with the share price and the biggest lags usually come with the biggest discoveries.

The Athabasca basin is the richest area for uranium in the world, Warren discusses the relative merits of Investing in NexGen vs Fission Uranium based on the nature of their respective deposits and the best mining techniques. NexGen is likely to be easier to mine and so he believes it has the advantage..

Talking points from this weeks interview:
• Investing in NexGen vs Fission Uranium
• The uranium price is very likely to rise
• Security of supply is more important than price
• The Athabasca basin hold the worlds richest uranium deposits

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