Warren Irwin: A Rip-Your-Face-Off Uranium Rally Begins!

Collin Kettell December 12, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

There’s been a lot of action in uranium the last few months- especially post US elections. Trump and team are positive on uranium, and the US is the biggest consumer of uranium in the world. Uranium Participation Corp- a proxy for the spot price of uranium, began trading at a premium just two weeks ago, which typically happens when bullish sentiment enters the market. On December 6th, we put out a call that the stocks had bottomed. Spot uranium has since moved up for the first time in several months.

There will be a special announcement from Palisade Research about making life-changing amounts of money during the coming epic uranium bull market this Thursday, December 15th!

Serious money is moving into the uranium space. Warren Irwin has been managing hundreds of millions of dollars via Rosseau Asset Management- one of the only funds that is heavily weighted in uranium. He says it takes just a bit of money rushing in for these stocks to really move. Watch the leaders in the industry because the stocks will move before the commodities move. It could be a violent, rip your face off uranium rally.

It’s likely that at the $40+ dollar level we will see some contracting which is an indication that utilities are concerned about supply, and are stepping up and locking it in. When that floodgate opens, the uranium suppliers will act accordingly and that’s where the real fun could start. With respect to the big utilities, when they come to market, they will act as a herd and all jump in at once.

There are only around 10-20 uranium stocks available to buy. Warren shares with us one of his best picks- a Vancouver-based company he’s invested in that made a massive 200 million pound- and rising uranium discovery. The core portion of it is extremely rich. Because their resources are rapidly increasing, Warren had already almost quadrupled his money in the (until recently) falling uranium market.

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