Amir Adnani: Opportunity in Uranium is the Best in Decades

Collin Kettell June 9, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Uranium is the ultimate contrarian investment and the most hated commodity because of it’s use in nuclear power, but recently environmental groups have gotten behind nuclear power. Nuclear power is 20% of US power overall. The constant power generation and the ability to store power make nuclear the backbone of the electricity grid.

The uranium market could be at a turning point, as all the classic signs for a commodity being at or near a bottom appear to be present right now for uranium. China unveiled a 5 year plan in March to go from 27 gigawatts to 160 gigawatts of nuclear power generation by 2040. With $700 billion in nuclear investments, long term fundamentals continue to be incredibly positive. More and more reactors are coming online and the next 10- 20 years will be some of the most spectacular for the nuclear industry

At Uranium Energy Corp, new institutional investors are piling in and taking strong positions as shown by the latest insider filings. UEC anticipates being at an advanced stage for a third fully permitted project in south Texas, and the company has expanded their footprint and portfolio in the US and abroad. JP Morgan Asset Management, Black Rock, and Goldman Sach’s have all recently added to, or initiated new positions in the company.

Talking points from this week’s interview:
· Uranium is the ultimate contrarian investment
· Nuclear power is CO2 emissions free power generation
· The uranium price is likely to adjust up
· The picture for nuclear power is the best we have seen in 10 years

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