Dr. Patrick Moore: Ex-President of Greenpeace Talks Benefits of Nuclear, Mining, GMO Crops, and More

Collin Kettell June 12, 2016
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Many of the environmental and health issues we told are bad for us are actually of great benefit says the former President of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore. Dr. Moore worked for Greenpeace for over 20 years and quit largely due to the organization’s shift away from humanitarianism towards the vilification of. He went from being at the top of their organization to being on top of their most wanted list

During his tenure, Dr. Moore led many campaigns against nuclear war, trophy hunting, killing whales, disposal of toxic waste and many other issues. Throughout most of his time at Greenpeace, Dr. Moore recognized a noble goal to save civilization. However, by the time he left, humans were being characterized as enemies of nature- as if we were separate from it.

Dr. Moore say that nuclear is one of the cleanest, safest, most reliable, and cost effective forms of energy. France gets 70% of it’s electricity from nuclear power, and their electricity cost is about half of Germany’s which is phasing out nuclear and is using wind and solar. Their electricity cost has tripled.

Monsanto, another enemy of Greenpeace, has improved seed production and aided the world in food production. 90% of Monsanto’s seed are genetically modified. Farmers want GMO seeds because they are better for plant productivity and protection. Every credible science organization says GMOs are as safe or safer than conventional foods. No GMO crop gets on the market without rigorous testing. In a similar light, Dr. Moore believes that the chance of vaccines saving a life is a million times more than a vaccine causing harm

This month, Dr. Moore wrote a report on THE POSITIVE IMPACT OF HUMAN CO2 EMISSIONS ON THE SURVIVAL OF LIFE ON EARTH. What he said is yet to be disputed: https://fcpp.org/sites/default/files/documents/Moore%20-%20Positive%20Impact%20of%20Human%20CO2%20Emissions.pdf

In the report, Dr. Moore concludes that the burning of fossil fuels has reversed a million year long depletion of CO2 in the atmosphere caused by sea creatures and plant life. Human burning of fossil fuels could actually be saving the world!

For more info follow Dr. Moore on twitter @ecosensenow

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