Brad Cooke: Gold & Silver To End the Year on an Upswing

Collin Kettell May 10, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

There were spectacular gains last year and that has affected people’s expectations since most of those gains have now been given up. In the near term we will likely test support at $16 silver and $1200 for gold. The Fed has set a course of quarterly rate increases that is faster than economic growth which is a formula for stagflation and recession, when this happens investors holding gold and silver investments will do well.

The US dollar and equities have been the main beneficiaries of Trump’s policies. The promises of tax cuts, immigration bans, and repealing of Obamacare have boosted equities, but Brad expects to see a rounded top on the markets and a rounded bottom in precious metals after the summer.

He examines the relationships between the dollar, equities and precious metals and why very few Wall Street investors currently have interest in precious metals. When markets begin to turn sophisticated investors will pick up some insurance in the form of gold and silver. Silver will continue to make gains and ultimately the targets are multiples of the current price. Expect to see a move up in gold and silver in the fourth quarter of this year.

Mr. Cooke talks about Endeavour Silver and why the stock is currently at appropriate support levels. They are now in a market with rising prices, so are focused on building with construction starts at their El Compas and Terronera projects in Mexico.

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