Louis James: A Golden Runway in Junior Resource Stocks

Collin Kettell April 30, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

Louis discusses in depth his discovery of a golden runway, how there are low risk and highly predictable ways to speculate on specific resource companies. Particularly those that are explorers and are moving to become a new producer, share prices takeoff just as they build their first mine and can make for spectacular gains.

He discusses the election situation in France where the alternate candidate Marine Le Pen has been doing quite well as she has made it to the final round, he warns that the actual results are still up in the air. It could be a situation similar to what happened between Trump and Hillary. When markets react to something like it’s a certainty, when it’s not, that is when contrarian’s can come out ahead.

Louis feels that gold investing is the right call as we have turned the corner and it’s onwards and upwards from here. When gold takes out $1400 a lot of the bears will quiet down. Now is the time to get in near the ground floor, while we still in the initial stages of a major bull run that will put 2011 to shame.

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