David Skarica: We Are In the First Inning of A Major Bull Market in Gold

Collin Kettell March 13, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Gold is starting to move and David is of the opinion that a major pull-back is not likely.

David is focusing on the Canadian small caps as this is where the biggest moves can happen in the initial first run. Now is the time to invest to be able to make multi-bag profits. Many stocks are undervalued.

Japanese and European bonds are at negative interest rates, negative interest rates in general are pushing more and more money into the gold sector. Governments globally, particularly the US are in so much debt that a normalisation in interest rates would render them bankrupt. One of the major bond markets is likely to blow up, pricking the sovereign debt bubble.

Contrary to popular opinion other commodities are likely to rise along with gold. This may also be the result of highly inflationary money printing. If gold continues it rise at some point there is likely to be a major slap-down, probably in the form of a major event.

Talking points from this week’s interview:
• The influence of GLD
• Making money with stock warrants
• Canada is the best junior market in the world
• The possibility of a major smack-down in the future
• Wise investors hedge their positions

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