Integra Gold Challenge with Rob McEwen, Sean Roosen, Brent Cook, Integra Gold & Top 5 Contestants!

Collin Kettell March 7, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Integra Gold owns the intellectual property on more than 6 terabytes of digital mining and exploration data, spanning more than 75 years of mining activity and 9 million ounces of gold production in Val-d’Or, Québec. Many millions of dollars has been spent by others acquiring this digital data – it’s now time to use it.

A prize of $1 Million is offered for successfully analyzing the supplied data and discovering a deposit of $5 Million ounces or greater. This is one of the largest mining industry focused Crowdsourcing analytical challenges ever created.

Palisade Radio had exclusive rights to interview the top people on the panel from Integra Gold who are judging the contest and also the five top finalists, the night before the event.

The competition has generated great publicity for Integra Gold and promises to uncover some very exiting new targets. The big rewards in the competition drives innovation in mining data analysis technology, for instance in artificial intelligence systems.

The price of gold is being driven higher amidst capital seeking safer havens in an uncertain economic environment. Gold mines globally are starting to create profits and this is reflected in the value of mining stocks.

Talking points from the interviews:
• Is crowd sourcing geological data analysis effective?
• Dealing with 7 terabytes of data
• Money is finally flowing into the gold sector
• Have we truly passed the market bottom?
• Which companies will do best in a coming bull market?

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