Gregor Gregersen: Singapore Gold Dealer – Why Bullion Secured P2P Lending is Safer than Bank Credit

Collin Kettell February 25, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

It has been getting increasingly difficult to get bullion out of North America, but leading bullion supplier in Singapore, Gregor Gregersen’s business may make it unnecessary to do so.

Gregor started silver bullion in Singapore, and Singapore now has some of the biggest storage facilities for bullion in the world. This offers bullion protection from US nationalization with a local company with no ties back to the US or Europe.

The peer to peer lending business model is safer than bank credit because it is bullion backed by 200% of the loan value in insured bullion. Gregor offers a detailed explanation of the mechanism of lending and borrowing.

To buy or store silver with Gregor, listeners can visit and to see his facilities, go to

Discussion points from this week’s interview:
• How are bullion storage facilities rated?
• How P2P bullion lending works?
• This system opens up interesting interest arbitrage opportunities
• A good way to protect wealth outside of the USA

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