Jordan Roy-Byrne: Biggest Risk For Gold Investors Is To Not Be Invested

Collin Kettell April 24, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Jordan publishes the Palisade Radio Precious Metals Update videos for the Palisade Radio youtube channel. He says that at the start of a bull market the miners perform way ahead of the metals and this is what we are seeing now. This has been the worst bear market in 90 years, so the following bull market should prove to be even bigger.

People are waiting for a correction in the mining stocks that has really not happened. All the sellers are out of the market, the same is happening in the metals, the breakout in silver is also a very bullish sign. Even if there was a correction that would just create a great buying opportunity.

Gold is still holding above the moving average on the S&P, as long as that holds a correction in the stock market should not effect the gold stocks too much. Jordan does not see a major downturn in the general stock market however.

The big key for gold is negative real rates, inflation has started to rise and bond yields have continued to go down further encouraging diversification into precious metals.

Historically the bull market after a bear market lasts longer than the bear market. This bear market lasted around 5 years so we could be in for up to 7-8 year bull market and at minimum 5 years. The people holding the stocks today will not be selling.

The Daily Gold website:

Talking points from this weeks interview:
• Negative interest rates key for gold
• This has been the worst bear market for 90 years
• How long will the bull market run?
• The biggest risk is not to be invested!

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