Ronald Stoeferle: In Gold We Trust 2016 – Gold Headed for $2,300

Collin Kettell June 2, 2016
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Is the current pull back a correction in a new bull market or is this a fake rally? Will price inflation keep rising? Will we see stagflation going forward? What effect will Federal Reserve interventions have on the markets? Are we moving to a cashless society? What is gold’s role in the permanent portfolio? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this year’s In GOLD we TRUST Report, set to be released on June 28th.

Ronald gave Palisade Radio an exclusive interview to share the main themes of the annual In Gold We Trust Report, which was read by 1,500,000 people last year! Ronald is a leading fund manager and an expert on all things gold. Each year, he spends months putting together the most extensive report available on gold, which is usually over 200 pages in length. So what will we find out this year?

Ronald thinks this rally is the real deal. He sees an enormous amount of opportunity in mining stocks. There is a lot of money waiting on the sidelines keeping a close watch and likely to pile in when gold rises again, especially when gold rises to $1,500 or $1,600. Ronald sees gold possibly reaching $2,300 and currently an overall asymmetrical risk reward ratio exists in favour of gold stocks.

Negative interest rates have been widely implemented and the US Federal Reserve is likely to follow suit. Negative rates are positive for gold but unfortunately destructive for general prosperity. These measures designed to avoid recession only serve to postpone and worsen it when it finally does come.

Last year’s interview with Ronald:

Talking points from this week’s interview:
• Is this really a new bull market?
• Will we see $2,300 gold or maybe something much higher?
• Will the Fed hike rates in June?
• With rising oil prices comes rising inflation

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