Russell Fryer: Fund Manager Talks Favorite Uranium Stocks & Why Sector Is Ready To Move

Collin Kettell February 21, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

We have quite possibly identified the most well versed uranium investor in the space today. His name is Russell Fryer and he is the manager for Baobab Natural Resources Fund, a fund heavily invested in the uranium sector.

Russell believes that while many investors are focused on uranium demand out of China and India, more attention should be paid to demand back home. The United States is the largest consumer of yellow cake in the world and companies developing and producing uranium assets in country have substantial benefits.

There are only 4 mill licenses in the USA and it is unlikely there will be many more granted. Therefore, Russell believes it is crucial to take a look at the companies controlling existing mills and invest wisely.

Talking points from this weeks interview:
• There are opportunities in the USA that are tremendously undervalued
• Uranium fundamentals strengthening
• Important factors to consider when investing
• Russell’s favorite uranium stocks that merit investment dollars

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