Ali Zamani: Goldman Sachs Portfolio Manager Says All Time Highs for Gold Coming Fast

Collin Kettell August 20, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

Ali says gold has been in a bull market since the end of last year. The start of bull markets often go unnoticed; it’s a grind. However, we are making higher highs and higher lows. He looks at the most successful macro investors and many have come out recently with breakout calls. The ground is fertile, the charts look good, and the base is in, gold will rise quicker than most people think.

With bonds making new lows and the stock market at new highs the U.S. administration ability to improve growth is looking minimal. The dollar can be an easy trade at times, especially when they are doing QE. The US Fed is supposed to be tightening but doesn’t look as committed. There are risks that Trump could very easily stumble into a trade war.

Ali outlines his position on Mexican Gold Corp, where he thinks the company is at and its current one million ounce resource base. He expects further exploration will see an increase in grades in their upcoming resource reports.

Copper and zinc are also making new highs along with real estate and cryptocurrencies. Platinum looks like a good pick as a lot of it is consumed in catalytic converters. Until recently, it has almost always traded higher than gold. He discusses New Age Metals Inc. which has a platinum mine in Canada.

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