Byron King: Political Uncertainty Will Drive Metals to New Heights

Collin Kettell August 18, 2017
Category: Palisade Videos

Byron and Collin discuss recent domestic news surrounding the media and those trying to control the narrative. The media’s recent interest in Confederate statues and how this is an ongoing massive political battle and distraction being waged between the deep state and those trying to be free of big government.

If Trump can’t push through tax cuts and infrastructure improvements, then everything that was supporting the rising stock market will begin to crumble. Capital will flow into the under appreciated precious metals sector if there is any loss of confidence in the larger financial markets.

We are still in the early innings of this secular bull market, and you haven’t missed the train. Mining shares and the indexes have been trading into a narrowing range. He thinks they will break to the upside.

Electric cars are a growing market, still, somewhat niche but countries like the U.K. are making them a requirement. This will result in increased demand for copper and cobalt.

He provides an excellent overview of the mining sector contrasting the big producers to the smaller developers. What you want to look for in management teams and discusses the real requirements to bring a mine online. He looks for outstanding people who know what they are doing. Those that have a good sense of how to do the job and have done it all before. As a geologist, he wants to see the results in the field for himself.

He discusses Pretivm how they just opened a mine in British Columbia with impressive ore deposits. They have taken a project through all the stages of development over many years.

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