Florian Siegfried: Swiss Fund Manager Says End of the Gold Bear Market

Collin Kettell February 13, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

As the equity markets deteriorate and the price of gold increases more and more mining companies are becoming financially viable and their share price is increasing substantially. Mining shares are outperforming bullion, which is a classic sign of a bull market.

Gold as a monetary metal defies the deflationary commodity and asset market
Money is moving out of financial assets so a portion of that will be moving into gold.
Big names tend to get all the attention so smaller companies need to make acquisitions and investments along with long term strategies to gain positive attention.

When investing look for companies in good financial condition without significant debt and with substantial long term assets. Florian provides us with a detailed analysis of Perseus Mining Ltd and Timmins Gold Corp.

Talking points from this week’s interview:
• Is this the start of a bull market in gold?
• Money is moving out of financial assets
• How can smaller companies take advantage of renewed investor interest?
• Companies with little debt and rich assets poised to shine

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