Jordan Roy-Byrne: Making the Most of the Bull Market in Gold

Collin Kettell February 16, 2016
Category: Palisade Videos

Jordan Roy-Byrne is confident the bottom is in for gold stocks. Although, the gold price rebound is not as strong as other historic rebounds and gold needs to close this month above 1180 to lock in the long term bullish trend. Jordan believes that gold will likely test the 1200 mark again this month before resuming the bullish trend.

Silver is underperforming gold because of the deflationary environment, but silver will outperform gold in an inflationary environment. Silver stocks are likely to perform very well over the coming months.

The stock market could well rally in the short term but continue its bearish course in the longer term. Even if the equity markets rally, precious metals are likely to stay bullish and move independently. The growth potential lies with the juniors as there is a lack of new ventures and discoveries are few. This could lead to a manic bubble in the juniors.

Talking points from this week’s interview:
• Look for companies with large deposits viable at above 1250 gold
• Optionality plays can provide excellent leverage on the gold price rise
• Gold stock indices up 40-50% in a single month and could be up 150-200% over the year.
• Do your research and don’t rush in, this bull market is liable to continue for a long time

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